White’s Pest Control serves central Alabama home and business owners with highly effective service designed to keep critters away and treat current infestations. We’ve proudly served the area since 2001, providing customers with advanced treatments, knowledgeable experts, and professional service at an amazing price. We’d love to show you why pests don’t stand a chance when White’s is on the job.

Pests We Treat

Pests create havoc when they invade a property, especially once they make it inside. Our thorough pest control service treats pests starting on the outside, ensuring the most thorough protection available.

Trust us to put pests in their place and bring back the comfort and serenity that your home or business deserves.

We treat ALL pests, including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Scorpions
  • Lady Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Many More

All About Pests

Pests seek shelter in warm buildings and houses, especially when temperatures outside fall cold. If pests find food inside the building, they’ll make themselves right at home. In a matter of a few short weeks, you could have a major infestation on your hands.

Signs of an infestation vary from one pest to another, and the type of pest you can expect to see depends greatly on the type of structure, although common indicators of a problem include:

  • Spotting the actual pest
  • Discarded wings or shells
  • Egg sacs
  • Feces/urine
  • Food/structural damage
  • Odors

Since pests hide from view as best as possible, homeowners may not realize there’s a problem until major damage has occurred. That is why regular inspections and pest control are so important. Preventing pests before they become problematic is the best solution. White’s offers preventative service for your protection and peace of mind. Schedule preventative services monthly, bi-monthly, or on a quarterly basis and gain assurance that your building is pest-free, sanitary, and comfortable year-round.

Our highly-trained pest control exterminators can develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and budget. Plus, we put our money where our mouth is with an awesome guarantee. That’s right: White’s Pest Control stands behind our services with a money-back guarantee.

We Treat Infestations

If pests have already infested your home, do not panic. Give White’s Pest Control a call instead. We prevent pest infestations, but our service does not stop there; we treat pests, too.

Our experts know exactly what to do to treat the pest problem and give you back your home and safe space without those unwelcome guests. After a thorough inspection, we’ll discuss our findings and detail the best course of treatment.

Cockroaches partying hard in the kitchen without advance notice or even the courtesy of an invite to the fun? Notice a mouse in the house? Have the ants come marching in? Tell us the pest problem, and we’ll provide you with the solution!

Areas We Serve

Homeowners and business owners in the following areas can schedule preventative service or treatment with White’s Pest Control:

  • Blount
  • Cullman
  • Jefferson
  • Marshall
  • Madison
  • Morgan
  • Clair
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Walker
  • Winston

When you need pest control service in the areas above, you need White’s Pest Control, a well-known, trusted name. We deliver expert service done right the first time. Expect our state-certified exterminators to provide the best service possible for your business or home. Tackling your pest control problems or preventing them from the getgo is what we do best.

When you call White’s Pest Control, expect:

  • A thorough inspection of your home
  • A customized treatment plan to treat all pests found in the home
  • Prevention strategies that keep pests from coming back
  • Transparent, open communication
  • Valuable advice from industry experts
  • Satisfaction guarantees
  • Great rates